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About Us


The Journey so far​

First set up in the home of the founder in response to the growing demand for quality alcoholic drinks. The company has since grown into a multi-national company, with state of the art automated factory located at Breman New site, Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

Obibini Blackman’s vision differed from that of other alcoholic drink manufacturers in the country as it identified the increasing sophistication in the consumer, i.e. consistency in product taste, quality and packaging. This meant the consumer was spending more on foreign imports and aspired for quality products. This was the mass niche that Obibini Blackman set out to serve, ensuring that it produced quality drinks at affordable prices for the ordinary Ghanaian. The company rapidly ascended into one of the top positions within the Gin market with its “Brukutu Ginger Gin”, which became the Gin of choice for consumers.

Our factory at Breman New site, Kumasi is equipped with state of the art production plant that can produce 50, 000 sachet per hour and 10,000 bottles per hour. With very skillful and dutiful workforce, OBCL work as a family and as a team. “We are each other’s keeper”. The spirit of team work is the corner stone of our success and we always aspire to build upon it further. OBCL aims at becoming the biggest Food and beverage company in Ghana and produce the finest AFRICAN alcoholic beverages and Foods to the global emerging markets.

Our factory Operation

We are a multinational company that employs over 100 professionals and hundreds of contracted staff to see to the seamless achievement of our vision; a drive overseen by an august board and championed by a pioneering management team. We pride ourselves in the wealth of human resource within and the profitable partnerships we have cultivated with suppliers across the breadth of our operations.

Our state of the art production facility located at Breman in Kumasi, is equipped with world-­‐class machinery that contribute to the production of our various brands in different kinds of packaging. Our customized high-­‐speed production lines give us the ability to package over 60,000 bottles of products in just one hour, in both glass and PET bottles and also fill up 120,000 plastic sachets per shift.

Our commitment to quality and the drive to remain the market leader is sustained in the emphasis we place on research and development and in our adoption of the latest technology for our operations